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I’ve Got It! I Know How To End War! March 7, 2009

I know this got your attention!  What?  A new strategy?  How could One Lone Ninja come up with the solution to the eternal problem of war?  Is the ninja available for strategizing how to reduce my tax bill as well?  Maybe a strategy on winning the lottery?  Has she found the fountain of youth?  Perhaps has figured out how to get the entire world to “go green”?

Well, I hate to disappoint, but I have only solved ONE of the world’s problems – not all of them!  Wanna hear my secret?  Here goes…you might want to sit down.  It’s gonna be a while.

So here goes…I have recently become friendly with all of the other creatives in my community.  All of the other marketing gurus, design geniuses, and PR dynamos.  They are an amazing bunch!  These people, all uniquely talented, are all incredibly relevant in not only our community, but around the United States and even the world.  They all have scores of awards, accolades, and raves piled up in their messy (but design-chic) offices.  And not one of them will be quick to point those awards out (under this pile or that pile).  Not a braggart among ’em!

So, as I have become friendly with this group (admittedly, a little gun-shy at first) I started to see a common theme.  Well, okay, several common themes.  They are all brilliant.  They are all funny, wise, and a little crazy.  They all care about their community and keeping business local whenever possible.  They all are in some way involved in charitable works.  And most importantly (and surprisingly!) they care about their competition being successful.  They really do.

In the Creative Community of this town there is an unspoken rule, an oath to not only not HARM or STEAL from a competitor, but to do what you can to HELP your competition and talk kindly about them to clients.  What?  What?  What is this weird utopia in which I have found myself?  Are they cyborgs?  What is it, EXACTLY, that they want?  Hmmmmm……I think I need to investigate further.

So, after many (cough, cough) painful lunches, horrid (cough, cough) glasses of wine, and excruciating (cough, cough) cups of coffee at the coffee shop I have come to the conclusion that – you know what???? – they are just nice people! They genuinely care about the growth of our community.  They know that there is plenty of business to go around.  They see the bigger picture, the greater good.  Oh, and they don’t like to drink alone.

I started to think to myself (as I was feeling all warm and fuzzy, singing “kumbaya” in the shower before I headed into the office in the morning) that I have discovered the greatest secret in the world.  (Oh, and why haven’t all of the high-powered government focus groups figured this out?  How did I, a lonely blonde Ninja, stumble upon the Holy Grail like a character in a Monty Python movie?)  It is simple, I tell you, simple.  Here goes.  Are you ready?…..

All of the Creatives need to…..RULE…….THE…….WORLD.  (Yes, I understand this is a little Dr. Evil-ish from Austin Powers.  Oh darn, did you see my pinky up at the corner of my mouth?  That was just a mere figment of your imagination!)  BUT….if Creatives were allowed to rule the world the world would be amazing.  First of all, it would be beautifully designed.  It would certainly be well thought out and aesthetically pleasing (albeit, after many revisions and threats from their constituents about deadlines).

Secondly, there would be more fun.  The arts and music would be important again.  A new Renaissance, of sorts.  All would be encouraged to take their camera everywhere and snap pictures, coffee would be handed out on street corners for free, and music would waft through the air from every open window on Main Street USA.

Third, the world would go green.  Greenhouse gasses would be a thing of the past, everyone would whiz around in their Prius or other cool hybrid, and recycle bins would dot the land where SUV’s once ruled.  They would come up with ways to reuse our trash and make it into beautiful, useful things and they would find a way to renew what other resources we needed.  Green “Think Tanks” would pop up everywhere with people brainstorming constantly about new ways for things to go green.  There would no longer be the Oscars, there would be the Green Oscars – where the award would go to the person who thought up the coolest, hippest, most useful and earth friendly product of the year.

Fourth, there would be governmental agencies whose focus would entirely be on the design and implementation of cool frames for eye glasses.  Everyone would wear these funky glasses, even if they have 20/20 vision.  Why?  Because they don’t want to look like a dork!  (Um, hello!)

Fifth, and most importantly (and seriously), there would be no war.  President Creative, Prime Minister Creative, and even Dictator Creative would all work together to help each other succeed.  Famine would end.  Diseases would be cured.  Wars would cease to exist.  Can you imagine?

Sure, President Creative would sometimes think that his country was WAY BETTER than Prime Minister Creative’s country (because, after all, he has that coveted award under this pile or that pile on his desk), but he wouldn’t say it.  Instead, he (or she!) would ask Prime Minister Creative to coffee, they would browse the New York Times together, and they would revel in how amazing the world they live in is.  Oh, and they would laugh.  And make stupid jokes.  And complain a little about Dictator Creative.  But, in the end, they would link arms and be stronger for it.


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